Let's start with the facts.
What: I’ll go through your text, looking for ways to make it more inclusive
When: Within 2 working days after payment
How much:
1 - 6 pages of text: £25 per page
Over 6 pages of text: Please get in touch before booking

Sounds interesting? Then keep reading!

Inclusivity Audit? What?

You have a kick-ass service to offer and you want to make sure what you put out into the world is inclusive.

You want to make sure that your website or sales page doesn’t defer your ideal clients just because you chose the wrong words.

And this is exactly what Inclusivity Audit is for.

You can send your text to me and I’ll read through it, suggesting edits that would make it more inclusive. This can be any text, for example a sales page, about page, home page, blog post. Basically, any piece of text you want me to take a look at.


1. Upload your document to Google Drive and make sure your sharing settings are on “anyone with the link can edit”.

2. Click the button below that says "Inclusivity Audit Booking Form" and fill it in.

3. I'll send you an invoice to pay for the service. You'll receive the invoice within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

4. After you have paid the invoice, I'll go through the document within 2 working days (Mon-Fri) and note down suggestions and edits.

5. When I'm done, I’ll send you an email to let you know.

If you have any questions, you can reply to the email to ask them.

You can request an inclusivity audit for maximum of 6 pages of text with the form.

If you have more documents or your document is longer than 6 pages, please get in touch before booking.

1 - 6 pages of text: £25 per page
Over 6 pages of text: Please get in touch before booking

If you'd like to ask any questions before filling in the form, please email me at
[email protected]

How do I know this is for me?


• You have a piece of text you want me to take a look at
• You want to make sure your business values are reflected in your marketing
• You know your copy is pretty rad but you’re not sure if it’s inclusive


• You’re not interested in making your marketing inclusive (then you’re in the wrong place and I suggest you move on)
• You already know your text is inclusive and you’re already attracting transgender and non-binary clients, then you don’t need this service
• You’re looking for a copywriter, this service is not for you (but I can refer you to an awesome copywriter!)


A couple of things you need to know before booking in:

• I am NOT a copywriter and this is NOT a copywriting service

• I can give you suggestions and ideas based on my own experience and from what I’ve heard from others during my 15+ years of being a part of the trans and non-binary community. However, this does not guarantee that my suggestions won’t offend someone. They probably will.

• There are no refunds. Even if there is nothing to change in your text. Why? Because I've taken the time to go through your document with my inclusivity glasses on, dissecting it and sawing it back up.


If you want to make sure this is the right service for you, please book in for a free 30-minute chat or drop me an email ([email protected]), whichever works for you.

Don’t forget you’ll need the link to your document when booking in.

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